Food Allergy - Testimonials from Doctors and Patients



A 9-year-old child, Cheung

My son had started suffering from eczema 4 years ago, western physician prescribed topical steroid cream to him but end up with no improvement.  Then we seek Chinese medicine treatment and the practitioner recommended him to avoid those typical trigger foods like beef, bamboo shoot, crabs and shrimps, his skin condition is still very unstable.  As the last way out I brought him to do a food allergy test, the test result was really surprising because some of the well known healthy and frequently consumed foods like apple and lemon were found to be allergic to him, just a few weeks avoidance of those allergic foods was really effective to stabilize and improve his condition.




“I have been working for over 10 years after graduation, yet I am still suffering from acnes and pimples on my face and back.  After performing a food allergy test at the end of 2012, I realize I am allergic to chicken and soy, while I am not allergic to beef which I am originally believe it is not food for skin.  After only 2 months avoidance of those allergic foods and following the recommendation by nutritionist, my skin conditions is improved markedly.”

Joint Pain on knee

Johnathan (37-year-old) 

“My body weight is normal and I must perform enough stretching exercise before and after exercise, however, joint pain on my knees will happen periodically even though I had taken joints protective nutritional supplements for over half years.  I tried food allergy test and the report shows that egg plant and watermelon will trigger allergic response which is hardly to make me believe. Yet, I tried to omit those allergic foods and now my joint pain is much alleviated”