News and Events

We regularly give talks about health and nutritional issues to University, Hotel spas, companies, schools, charities and government agencies on subjects such as:

  • 1st International Conference on Eco-aquaculture and Public Health - 
    Detoxification effects of phytonutrients against environmental toxicants and sharing of clinical experience on practical applications
  • Food that Heal and Food that Kill – A Nutritional Approach to Minimise the Risk of Cancer
  • Nutritive food and children's health
  • How to improve your health status and prevent cancer by nutrition and food therapy
  • How to use functional ingredients in natural foods or herbs
    for weight management (weight loss)
  • The Wisdom of Western Nutrition and Chinese Medicine Nutrition in antiaging
  • Hundreds of substances are capable of inducing cancer in humans or animals after prolonged or excessive exposure.
    Come and understand more about the sources of environmental carcinogens and ways to detox.
  • The Wisdom of Western Nutrition and Chinese Medicine Nutrition in the Maintenance of Good Health
  • How does a hair mineral test and nutritional advice help us to live healthily in a contaminated and stressful world?
  • The Wisdom of Food Selection for a Healthy Joyful Life
  • How to Improve the Complexion by Natural Foods and Supplements
  • Toxic Metals - The impact on Hong Kong
  • Detoxify and rejuvenate the body by hair mineral analysis
  • How can you protect your children from Toxic Metals
  • How to rejuvenise your health and beauty via Chinese Medicine Nutrition
  • How does toxic metal and mineral imbalance trigger diabetes mellitus
  • Detrimental effects of heavy metals (Lead, antimony) exposure during weapon training and consumption of contaminated food and the corresponding remedial effects of detoxifying foods.