Understanding Hair Mineral Test

What is Hair Mineral Test for?

Hair mineral test is a screening test for the determination of the levels of nutritive minerals and the exposure to toxic metals. This analysis allows people to understand what kind of minerals are deficient or in excess, therefore, they will know what foods should be taken or what should be avoided in order to achieve a balanced mineral status without having excessively exposure to toxic metals.

What happens when we have high levels of toxic metals in our body?

Minerals imbalances and toxic metal exposure are important causal factors of a number of degenerative diseases, like poor memory, eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergies, low energy levels, infertility, caner, poor growth in infants/children, frequent infections, neurodegenerative diseases, attention deficit disorder or autistic behaviour can be triggered by mineral imbalance or toxic metal exposure. The understanding of your mineral status will greatly help you to prevent and diagnose the condition.

Why use hair and not blood or urine?

Hair can reflects trace amount of heavy metal exposure over the past six months or even a longer history depending on the length of hair can be tested. Such long history of exposure cannot be determined by a traditional blood test or urine test, the results give great information to assist diagnosis and meal planning.

What else does this test could tell?

Food and environmental contamination are inevitable, also, people tend to take supplement without knowing what they really need or in excess. A hair test will give you the ultimate answer to fine-tune your diet and if supplementation is needed in extreme case.

What is our role?

We provide a specialist diagnostic and health screening service to healthcare professionals throughout Hong Kong. Working in close co-operation with Trace Elements Inc. a recognised world leader in the field of hair mineral test, we provide the quickest and most advanced analyses currently available combined with up-to-the-minute interpretative reports.

Who need a Hair Mineral Test?

If you or your family members are suffering from the following problems, a hair mineral test and a nutritional advice can help:

  • Allergies (Eczema, Asthma, Allergic rhinitis)
  • Attention deficit
  • Chronic fatigue (low energy levels)
  • Infertility
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Poor growth
What is being tested?

Hair Mineral Test will totally determine 37 minerals (8 toxic metals, 15 nutritive minerals and 14 trace elements).

Quantity of hair needed?

A small amount of hair (0.25g) will be collected from the scalp, which is then delivered our partner laboratory in U.S for the analysis.

How long does it take?

The turnaround time is about 10-14 days.

What to do with the result?

Our nutritionist will give a personalized dietary recommendation based on the results, in order to help you to rebalance the nutritive minerals and to detoxify the toxic one. Also, we will teach you the technique on how to prevent or delay the onset of your family inherited diseases based on western nutrition and Chinese medicine nutrition.

Excessive toxic metal exposure or nutritive mineral imbalances will greatly increase the tendency towards a variety of degenerative diseases in adult and developmental problems in toddlers or children.

How does the hair mineral test helps people of different age range?

1. For infant or children
Excessive toxic metal exposure in an infant is usually due to prenatal exposure or breast-feeding, although children can be exposed to toxic metals via toys or paints. Affected subjects will have a higher tendency towards allergies, poor growth, developmental problems, learning disabilities, attention deficit and autistic-like behaviours.

2. For adults
A well balanced diet will not necessarily provide sufficient nutritional minerals to the body because of chemical irrigation, storage and the cooking processing, will affect the nutritive levels of the food. Dental fillings, colourful ceramic dining wares or insufficient fruit consumption will also greatly increase the risk of toxic metal exposure. The most common symptoms of toxic metal exposure in adults are poor memory, low energy levels, infertility, numbness sensation on fingers or limbs, chronic muscle spasm, hypertension and frequent infections.

3. For Pregnant women or would-be mother
They tend to consume lots of seafood before or during pregnancy, seafood is one of the most important sources of toxic metals which can be transferred to the growth foetus and affecting the normal development of the embryo. Infants or newborn who had previous exposure to toxic metal during pregnancy or breast feeding always have a higher tendency towards allergies, poor growth, tooth grinding and frequent infections.

4. For the elderly
Elderly people always require better nutrition to counteract the onset of degenerative diseases like cancer or diabetes. Cadmium and arsenic are common food contaminants which have been found to be related to a number of degenerative diseases including cancer and diabetes.

5. For your pets
Animals will be predisposed to a highly inflammatory and degenerative condition if they are exposed to excessive toxic metals or suffered from nutritive mineral imbalances. These explain why certain pets may experience chronic dermatitis, allergies, pre-aging cataract or cancer. A hair tissue mineral analysis will definitely help your pet to improve their quality of life and live healthily through their lives.