Who Need Drug Test

  • Parents

Parents who are suspecting their children are drug abuser can utilize this test for verification purpose.

  • Students/career applicants

Students or applicants who plan to apply for prestigious school, university or certain career requires good conduct can utilize this test as part of the proof.

  • Educational Institutions

School administrators have been given more latitude from parents, communities and the courts to establish testing programs to find and help drug-abusing students. 

Hair testing is a particularly effective method to meet this need. The non-invasive collection procedure coupled with the inability to adulterate the sample makes it an ideal test for uncovering a pattern of substance abuse in teens

  • Courts / Law Enforcement

Courts and law enforcement agencies are taking advantage of the superior capabilities of hair testing. With hair testing's accuracy, wide window of detection and flexibility as to time of collection, better decisions can be made in court cases and parole situations.

  • Corporations / Background check or investigation companies

Testing for drugs as part of the pre-employment screening is becoming a necessity. The liability, productivity and health issues surrounding drug abuse in the workplace are an important concerns for employers.

Suspicion based testing, post-accident testing and random drug testing programs are increasingly used to maintain a safe and productive workplace.