Mineralysis Nutritional and Fitness DNA Test will screen for 70 genetic markers (Single nucleotide polymorphisms). The test result can provide accurate and personalized health information on 55  aspects in 7 major areas, such as the efficiency for vitamins and minerals utilization, cardiovascular health status, weight management and body composition, Food intolerance (lactose and gluten), Eating habits (tendency towards craving for fat taste, sugar and starch), Fitness and physical activity (motivation to exercise, exercise behavior, power and strength, endurance) and Injury risk (pain tolernace and tendency towards soft tissue tendon injury)


Detail list of the tested genetic markers and decoded health information are shown as below:

Nutrient Metabolism

Genetic Markers and Code

Health Implications

1. Vitamin A

BCMO1, rs11645428



2. Vitamin B12

FUT2, rs601338


3. Vitamin C

GSTT1, rs2266633


4. Vitamin D

CYP2R1, rs10741657

GC, rs2282679


5. Vitamin E

COMT, rs4680


6. Folic Acid

MTHFR, rs1801133


7. Choline

MTHFD1, rs2236225



8. Calcium

GC, rs7041

GC, rs4588


9. Iron Overload

SLC17A1, rs17342717

HFE, rs1800562

HFE, rs1799945


10. Low Iron Status

TMPRSS6, rs4820268

TFR2 CA, rs7385804

TF, rs3811647





Food Intolerance



11. Lactose

MCM6, rs4988235


12. Gluten

HLA, rs2395182

HLA, rs7775228

HLA, rs2187668

HLA, rs4639334

HLA, rs4639334

HLA, rs4713586


13. Caffeine

ADORA2A, rs5751876





Cardiometabolic Health



14. Caffeine

CYP1A2, rs2472300


15. Glycemic Index

TCF7L2, rs12255372


16. Sodium

ACE, rs4343


17. Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fat

FADS1, rs174547


18. Physical Activity

LIPC, rs1800588





Weight Management and Body Composition



19. Physical Activity

FTO, rs9939609

ADRB2, rs1042713


20. Energy Balance

UCP1, rs1800592


21. Protein

FTO, rs9939609


22. Total Fat

TCF7L2, rs7903146


23. Saturated Fat

APOA2, rs5082


24. Saturated and Unsaturated Fat

FTO, rs9939609


25. Monounsaturated Fatty acid

PPARγ2, rs1801282





Eating Habits



26. Fat Taste Perception

CD36, rs1761667


27. Sugar Preference

GLUT2, rs5400


28. Eating Between Meals

MC4R, rs17782313





Fitness and Physical Activity



29. Motivation to Exercise

BDNF, rs6265


30. Exercise Behaviour

CYP19A1, rs2470158

LEPR, rs12405556


31. Power and Strength

ACTN3, rs1815739


32. Endurance

ADRB3, rs4994

NRF2, rs12594956

GSTP1, rs1695

NFIA-AS2, rs1572312





Injury Risk



33. Muscle Damage

ACTN3, rs1815739


34. Pain tolernace

COMT, rs4680


35. Bone Mass

WNT16, rs2707466


36. Achilles Tendon Injury

COL5A1, rs12722





Additional Genetic Insights for Health and Wellness






37. Magnesium


TRPM6, rs11144134


38. Zinc


SLC30A3, rs11126936


39. Starch


AMY1, rs4244372


40. Vitamin E


Intergenic – rs12272004





Inflammation and Antioxidant Capacity



41. Adiponectin

ADIPOQ, rs17366568


42. Interleukin 6

IL6, rs1800795


43. Superoxide Dismutase 2

SOD2, rs4880


44. Nitric Oxide

NOS3, rs1799983





Eating Habits



45. Hunger

NMB, rs1051168





Weight Management



46. Maintenance of Long-Term Weight Loss

ADIPOQ, rs17300539





Sleep and Lifestyle



47. Short Sleep Duration

CLOCK, rs1801260


48. Alcohol Sensitivity

ALDH2, rs671





Cardiometabolic Health



49. Total Cholesterol

APOA5, rs662799


50. LDL Cholesterol

ABCG8, rs6544713


51. HDL Cholesterol

ABCA1, rs1883025


52. Triglycerides

ANGPTL3, rs10889353


53. Fasting Glucose

ADCY5, rs11708067


54. Insulin

IRS1, rs2943641








55. Rotator Cuff Injury

MMP1, rs1799750
MMP3, rs3025058